Chalk Coral Pharrell HU Holi NMD

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The Chalk Coral HU Holi NMD has been hyped for a few months now and it’s great the release is finally here. However the hype has been building essentially meaning we’re all likely to have an even smaller chance at copping, and there is no wonder why, these Chalk Coral Pharrell NMD’s are seriously nice.

 Featuring the classic NMD upper and primeknit which is known for its sock like feel, extreme comfort and quality. Which is then completed with the text “HU” which is written on the right shoe, with what looks to be Japanese characters. probably mirroring the exact same text on the left. The Chalk Coral primeknit sees a variety of vibrant colours, including greens, oranges, blues and purples which is extremely unique for a shoe, which in our opinion works very well in the tie dye theme. On top of the the green thick laces wrap around the purple housing cage and then the shoe is completed with the pure white Adidas Boost and almost peach coloured rigid, grippy sole underfoot.

 As already mentioned, the Pharrell x Adidas NMD collaborations always sell out extremely fast and we expect the Chalk Coral colourway to do the exact same. So if you want to buy your pair, make sure to use all the links below to buy the Chalk Coral Pharrell HU Holi NMD.